Importers of products which meet the exact descriptions shown on the list will be able to claim a 0% duty rate (in most cases) from 1 July.  This is because the Commission has established that there is insufficient EU manufacture of these products to justify the protection to EU manufacturers afforded by positive rates of import duty.

What does this mean?

Any business which imports materials or components because they cannot obtain supplies from EU manufacturers can apply for a tariff suspension, where the savings to be gained amount to at least €20,000 a year.  The application process is, however, quite lengthy as new suspensions are announced only twice each year – January and July.  The next round of applications must be submitted in September 2012, and if successful, will result in new tariff suspensions effective from 1 July next year.

The Customs Practice can help
The Customs Practice can assist importers with applications for tariff suspensions – for further information, or to check whether your imports may be eligible for a tariff suspension, please call us on 01635 521624 or by e-mail to


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