The European Commission has today (15 November) published a Regulation 1072/2012 imposing provisional ADD on imports of ceramic tableware and kitchenware from China, wef tomorrow. Rates of ADD range from 17.6% to 31.2% for specific named companies; 26.6% for 386 co-operating companies (all named in the Regulation), and 58.8% for all other companies in China not specifically named in the Regulation.

The Commission has imposed provisional ADD, despite a majority vote against imposition by the Commission's Anti Dumping advisory committee.

This means a significant increase in cost for EU importers, unless viable alternative sources can be found. The chances of a reversal of the decision may depend on the strength of lobbying activity over the next few months, however, given the Commission's willingness to ignore the vote of its own advisory committee, we should expect ADD to become definitive in 6 months time.

This link is to the Regulation, however, I am aware that many outside the EU will be unable to access, so if anybody needs confirmation of the ADD rate for a specific company please contact me at

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