Further to our earlier news items on 3 and 8 October, we can now report that the European Commission has today (14 November) published a regulation which suspends the duty rates on import to the EU for a range of products originating in Pakistan. The measure takes effect from tomorrow (15 November) and will remain in force until 31st December 2013, at which time it will be decided whether to terminate the suspension, or to continue it.

This means that products including certain yarns, fabrics and textile garments will be free of customs duty, providing they meet specific origin criteria.  Other products, including undenatured ethyl alcohol, certain articles of leather and other yarns, fabrics, garments and footwear will also be free of duty but subject to quota limits.

Importers wishing to check whether their imports may be eligible for this duty suspension can contact us on 01635 521 624, or by email to ian.worth@thecustomspractice.com.


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