Further to previous updates on this subject, The Customs Practice has now learnt that the following proposals will be put before the Commission’s Anti-Dumping Committee on 23 October, for approval to implement provisional ADD on 16 November.  These proposals relate to imports of ceramic tableware and kitchenware from China.

·         Individual ADD rates between 17.7% and 31.2% to be applied to imports from 10 specific Chinese producers;

·         A rate of 26.6% to be applied to imports from around 400 companies which have co-operated in the investigation;

·         A residual rate of 58.8% to be applied to all remaining suppliers.

Please note, this is the proposal which will be considered by the Anti Dumping Committee – it is still subject to vote, so cannot be regarded as finalised at this stage (we are aware of lobbying activity, which might still impact the voting).

We will post a further update here as more news becomes available, otherwise to discuss further, please call us on 01635 521 624, or email ian.worth@thecustomspractice.com

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